A tribute to Guy Pelletier.

14-18 October 2013

Scientific Program

A printer friendly version of the program and abstract book is available following this link. The slides of the presentations are available by clicking on the talk titles.

Monday 14 October

8h50-9h00 Gilles HenriWelcome talk
9h00-10h00 Ralph Pudritz MHD models of accretion/ejection (Review talk). (click here for animations)
10h00-10h35 Amir Levinson Structure of a double transonic, MHD flow in Kerr
 geometry, and its application to GRBs and AGNs
Coffee break
11h00-11h35 Jonathan Ferreira Is the disc thermal state controlling the Blandford &
 Znajek/Blandford & Payne jet dichotomy?
11h35-12h10 Claudio Zanni Large-scale acceleration and collimation of relativistic jets
15h30-16h05 Geoffroy Lesur Non ideal MHD turbulence in protoplanetary discs
16h05-16h40 Vasily Beskin MHD models of the central engine in compact
 astrophysical sources
Coffee break
17h10-17h45 Alhashmi Darah Mixed; Axisymmetric and Non-axisymmetric Field
19h00 Welcome party

Tuesday 15 October


9h00-10h00 Annalisa Celotti Relativistic jets and high energy emission (Review talk)
10h00-10h35 Ioannis Contopoulos Black hole jets
Coffee break
11h00-11h35 Gilles Henri The two-flow model of relativistic jets
11h35-12h10 Andrzej Niedzwiecki Gamma-ray emission from black hole accretion flows
15h30-16h30 John Kirk Poynting flux dissipation in relativistic jets (Review talk)
16h30-17h05 Hubert Baty Explosive tearing mode reconnection in relativistic plasmas:
 application to the Crab flares
Coffee break
17h35-17h50 Thomas Vuillaume Broadband emission from stratified jet model in the two-flow paradigm (Contributed talk)

Wednesday 16 October


9h00-10h00 Yannick Sarrazin Turbulence in laboratory plasmas (Review talk)
10h00-10h35 Florin Spineanu Ring - type vorticity distribution arising as stationary
 coherent flows in a field theoretical description of the plasma in strong
 magnetic field
Coffee break
11h00-11h35 Madalina Vlad Charged particles transport in 3-dimensional stochastic
 magnetic fields
11h35-12h10 Philipp Korneev Early-stage collisionless plasma interaction in the 
 presence of a strong magnetic field
15h30-16h05 Mickaël Melzani PIC simulations of relativistic magnetic reconnection 
 in ion-electron plasmas
16h05-16h40 Benoît Cerutti When the Crab Nebula goes wild
Coffee break
17h10-17h45 Andrea Tramacere Constraining the physics of acceleration and 
 radiation processes in the relativistic jets of blazars. A self consistent 
 modeling of TeV blazars' flare, in the framework of the stochastic 
 acceleration scenario
17h45-18h10 Illya Plotnikov Relativistic pair shocks precursor: Simulations of Current
 Filamentation Instability

Thursday 17 October

9h00-10h00 Martin Lemoine On the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
 (Review talk)
10h00-10h35 Niccolo Bucciantini The Magnetar model for Long and Short GRBs
Coffee break
11h00-11h35 Noemie Globus Ultra-High energy cosmic rays : gamma ray bursts 
 messengers ?
11h35-12h10 Ioana Dutan Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei as Sources of 
 Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays and Plasma Instabilities
Free afternoon/
Trip to aiguille du midi
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Friday 18 October

9h00-10h00 Heinz Völk Galactic cosmic rays and the achievement of VHE 
 Astronomy (Review talk)
10h00-10h35 Alexandre Marcowith Galactic cosmic ray acceleration beyond the knee
Coffee break
11h00-11h35 Yutaka Fujita Heating of Galaxy Clusters by Cosmic-Rays
11h35-12h30 Guy Pelletier The milestones of High Energy Astrophysics planted during
 these passed 25 years. A focus on a particular one: the physics of relativistic
Free afternoon