Research teams

credit : aCheziere

The IPAG research teams investigate

  • the small bodies, atmospheres, surfaces and sub-surfaces of planets in our Solar System (Planéto team),
  • the detection and characterisation of exoplanets (Exoplanètes team),
  • the formation of stars and their planets (Odyssey team),
  • the physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium and the origin of molecular complexity (Interstellaire team),
  • accretion-ejection processes and high-energy emission in young stellar objects and compact objects (Sherpas team),
  • new instrumental concepts and detection techniques (Cristal transverse team).

Our activities involve laboratory measurements, designing and delivering instruments, observation campaigns, large-scale data mining, numerical modelling and high-performance computing (see careers).

Team organisation chart

Organigramme des Equipes scientifiques de l’IPAG