Several numerical codes developed at IPAG are publicly available. The following list gives the code (link to the webpage), the main developer, and a brief description.

  • ZELTRON, Benoit Cerutti, Particle-In-Cell 3D for relativistic collision less plasmas.
  • SNOOPY, Geoffroy Lesur, 3D MHD using spectral methods for the study of instabilities.
  • MCFOST, Christophe Pinte, Monte Carlo based radiative transfer for protoplanetary discs.
  • ASTROCHEM, Sébastien Maret, chemistry and radiative transfer in pre-stellar cores and discs.
  • HJS, Hervé Beust, symplectic code for orbital dynamics of planetary systems.
  • COSAC, François Hénault, optics using ray tracing.
  • POKER, Nicolas Ponthieu, estimate the angular power spectrum of a 2D map.
  • JMMC suite, Gilles Duvert, incorporates several codes for visible and infrared interferometry.