Support group

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The "support group" consists of five services organised under the supervision of the technical director of IPAG.

The administrative and computing services offer essential support for the activities of all IPAG personnel. They ensure every day that IPAG operates smoothly and effectively. The technical services develop expertise on topics such as high-contrast imaging and the associated data processing, real-time wavefront analysis, large sized near infrared detectors, deformable mirrors, opto-mechanical design, system integration of large instruments. Members of the support group also assist the Grenoble Observatory (OSUG), the Grenoble computing & data center (GRICAD) or the Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG).

Special assistance is given to IPAG-based large projects, under the supervision of the IPAG technical director. These projects typically involve complex collaborations with several outside partners.

Service organisation chart

Organigramme du Groupe Support de l’IPAG