Activities, planning

Our activities at IPAG include laboratory measurements, the development and operation of scientific instruments, observation campaigns, the analysis of large data sets, numerical modelling and high-performance computing. Nearly all of these activities involve international collaborators.

We regularly report on our activities, which are set in the context of the roadmaps of our supervising institutes (prospective INSU, CNES) and of the research infrastructure roadmaps of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (TGIR) and of the European Union (ESFRI).

The results we obtain, our achievements, the organisation and operations of the lab, its strategy at the local, national and international level are reviewed every five years by the Haut Conseil de l’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur (HCERES). On this occasion, we present a report of our activities and provide our vision for the next five years.

These reports (available below in English) give a complete view of what’s happening at IPAG.