IPAG is organised in research teams and in services for support activities.

The director of IPAG is François-Xavier Désert.

Research teams

- Planéto : Solar system planets, comets and meteorites
- Exoplanètes : Search for exoplanets and characterising their properties
- Odyssey : Stellar and planetary formation
- Interstellaire : Physical and chemical processes in the interstellar medium
- Sherpas : Accretion-ejection processes, high-energy emission, compact objects
- Cristal : Research in instrumentation (transverse team)

Services ("support group")

- Administration & Finances
- Mechanics
- Computing
- Instrumentation
- Electronics

Organisation charts

Organigramme fonctionnel de l’IPAG
Organigramme des Equipes scientifiques de l’IPAG
Organigramme du Groupe Support de l’IPAG