Pre-main sequence stellar evolution : accretion, magnetism, and star-disk interaction

Séminaire IPAG de Jérôme Bouvier (IPAG), jeudi 4 octobre 2018 à 11h00, salle Manuel Forestini

I will review recent results regarding the evolution of key properties of young solar-type stars over the time frame 1-10 Myr, i.e., at the time when planets form in the disk. The presentation will include an overview of recent magnetic field measurements in young stars and how stellar magnetism evolves with time. I shall discuss the implication of the strong magnetic fields of young stars on the star-disk interaction process, and most notably illustrate the evidence for magnetospheric accretion and its impact on angular momentum evolution. I will conclude by mentioning how the prompt formation of inner planets may enter the game in a way yet to be explored.