Skylights on Mars ? Potential caverns and other subsurface features of interest in southern Utopia Planitia

Séminaire IPAG de Marc Schott (IPAG), jeudi 2 mai 2019 à 11h00, salle Manuel Forestini

For the past 13 years, the MARSIS and SHARAD ground-penetrating radars have been sounding the martian subsurface from orbit aboard ESA’s Mars Express and NASA’s Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. The wealth of data gathered by these two complimentary instruments makes it possible to study the subsurface structure and composition of almost any area on the Red Planet, at a vertical scale of down to 10 meters and a depth of up to a few kilometers. In this presentation, we showcase some of the early results of our analysis of radar soundings acquired over Hephaestus Fossae and Hebrus Valles, two systems of troughs and outflow channels located in south-eastern Utopia Planitia, where potential openings into near-surface caverns have recently been identified in high-resolution imagery.