Session dates

Monday May 1st evening to Friday May 12 2017

Lecture notes

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Abstract Books

Abstract books in pdf format are available for oral contributions and posters.

School Program

Printable version available following this link.

More than 35h of lectures and reviews from leading international researchers in plasma physics including

  • Lectures on fundamental plasma physics, waves, instabilities and nonlinear dynamics
  • Lectures on experimental, observational and numerical methods
  • reviews and lectures on current research topics including turbulence, dynamo, reconection, particle acceleration and shocks

Scientific contributions (posters and talks)

Poster sessions as well as oral contributions will be organised during the school. If you want to present your work during the school, please submit an abstract as you register (section registration on this site). You will be notified in March 2017 if your abstract (talk or poster) is accepted.

Selected Topics, Speakers and lecture notes

Tutorial Lectures on foundational topics

Tutorial Lectures on experimental and numerical methods

  • Pascale Hennequin (LPP Paris) -- Laboratory Measurement methods
  • Milan Maksimovic (Observatoire de Paris) -- Space in-situ measurement methods (Slides)
  • Jean-François Donati (IRAP Toulouse) -- Remote sensing measurement methods (Slides)
  • Andrea Mignone (University of Torino) -- Numerical fluid methods (slides and codes)
  • Matthew Kunz (University of Princeton) -- Kinetic physics and numerical methods (slides and lecture notes)
  • Thierry Dudok de Wit (Université d'Orléans) -- Data Analysis (Slides and papers)

Tutorial Lectures on advanced topics and current research

Instabilities and turbulence ("From large to small scales")

  • Olga Alexandrova (Observatoire de Paris) -- Solar wind and space plasma turbulence (Slides)
  • Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG Grenoble) -- Accretion disc turbulence (Lecture notes and slides)
  • Xavier Garbet (CEA Cadarache) -- Instabilities and turbulence in fusion devices (Slides)

Dynamo ("From kinetic to magnetic energy")

  • François Rinon (IRAP Toulouse) -- Dynamo theory (Slides)
  • Henri-Claude Nataf (ISTERRE Grenoble) -- Natural dynamos (Slides)
  • Cary Forest (University of Wisconsin) -- Dynamo experiments (Slides)

Reconnection ("From magnetic energy to heat")

  • Nuno Loureiro (MIT) -- Reconnection theory
  • Alessandro Retino (LPP Paris) -- Reconnection in natural plasmas (slides [pdf or ppt including movies)
  • Troy Carter (University of California) -- Reconnection experiments (Slides)
  • Hartmut Zohm (Max-Planck-IPP) -- Reconnection in fusion devices (Slides)

Particle acceleration ("From thermal energy to particle acceleration")

  • David Burgess (Queen Mary University of London) -- Theory of collisionless shock acceleration (Slides)
  • Emmanuel d'Humières (Université de Bordeaux) -- Shocks in the Laboratory (Slides)
  • Benoit Cerutti (IPAG, Grenoble) -- Particle acceleration in reconnection sites (Slides)