Problem definition

Grains properties:

- Mie theory
- astronomical silicates from B.T. Draine with extrapolation in log-log at wavelengths > 1mm
- 1 grain size : 1 µm
- mass density : 3.5 g/cm3
We do not assume isotropic scattering and use the Mie scattering phase function and corresponding Mueller matrices for the polarisation.

Temperature structures and SEDs will also be calculated in the isotropic case, using the opacities calculated with the Mie theory.

Disk geometry:

Vertical Gaussian profile with h0 = 10 AU at r0 = 100 AU, with a Gaussian defined with rho(r,z) = rho(r,z=0) * exp(-z2/(2*h(r)2)), ie there is a 2 in the exponential.

Density structure defined by power-laws:
- scale height : h(r) = h0 (r/100)1.125
- surface density : Sigma(r) = Sigma0 (r/100)-1.5
between Rin = 0.1 AU and Rout = 400 AU (cylindrical).
The edges of the disk are assumed to be sharp, ie vertical : there is nothing inside Rin and outside Rout and the density is defined by the power-laws between them.

The dust disk mass is the only parameter varied = 3.10-8, 3.10-7, 3.10-6 and 3.10-5 Msun .

The distance is 140 pc.

SEDs, images and polarization maps are calculated at 10 inclinations equally spaced in cosine, ie : cos(i) = 0.05, 0.15, 0.25, 0.35, 0.45, 0.55, 0.65, 0.75, 0.85, 0.95.

Star properties:

- Teff = 4000 K
- black body spectrum
- Radius = 2 solar radii


Scattered light images and polarization maps are calculated at 1 µm.
Thermal emission maps are calculated at 1 mm.
SEDs are calculated at these wavelengths.

Pixel scale:

The pixel scale for thermal emission maps, scattered light images and polarization maps is 0.0256118 arcsec (ie 251 pixels for a physical size of 900 AU at a distance of 140pc).


Please, give all results in λ.Fλ for the SEDs (W.m-2) and images (W.m-2.pixel-1) and position in the disk in AU.