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Exochemistry is the study of chemical elements and chemical compounds that are found in space beyond Earth: in stars, (exo)planets, comets, meteorits, interstellar matter, etc. This interdisciplinary field encompasses observations with ground-based and satellite telescopes, in situ measurements (e.g. in Titan's atmosphere and cometary nuclei), laboratory simulation experiments and theoretical modeling. The exochemistry projects currently developed at IPAG are related to all these aspects and include, e.g., the measurement of isotopic anomalies (from dark interstellar clouds to Solar System objects), the study of cosmic-ray induced chemistry, and the development of (photo)chemical networks for interstellar clouds, protoplanetary disks and planetary atmospheres.

The ExoChemistry thematic group at IPAG aims at covering many of the various aspects of exochemistry and especially building bridges between cosmochemistry (studies of solar system objects) and astrochemistry (studies of the interstellar medium). In parallel to this cross-disciplinary objective, national collaborations are of crucial interest and are encouraged through an ongoing series of thematic workshops.

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