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Nano-Infrared spectroscopy of extra-terrestrial materials (deadline : April 27th 2018)

The Solar System hosts a large population of small objects (<500 km), the so-called small-bodies. They are the leftovers of planet formation and preserve a record of the processes occurring around the young Sun ; and the processes through which a habited planetary system was born. Most small bodies have surfaces covered with extremely fine-grained material with grain sizes below the µm, and therefore below the wavelengths at which these object are typically observed. Understanding their composition from infrared spectroscopy requires an understanding of the optical properties at the finest scale. In that line, funding by the ERC, and AFM-IR solution will be purchased at IPAG, in order to investigate IR absorption properties of extra-terrestrial materials at the sub-µm level. The postdoctoral associate will develop an appropriate methodology for natural samples with AFM-IR, including sample preparation protocols. She or he will then study a series of primitive meteorites as well as interplanetary dust particles.

Candidates with AFM background, material sciences or Earth science background are highly encouraged. For more details, please contact : pierre.beck univ-grenoble-alpes.fr. Applicants should send a CV and a motivation letter.

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