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Latest publications of group astromol

Codella, C.; Viti, S.; Lefloch, B.; ; , 2018, Nitrogen oxide in protostellar envelopes and shocks: the ASAI survey, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 474, 5694⇗ADS
Colzi, L.; Fontani, F.; Caselli, P.; ; , 2018, Nitrogen and hydrogen fractionation in high-mass star-forming cores from observations of HCN and HNC, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 609, A129⇗ADS
Melosso, M.; Melli, A.; Puzzarini, C.; ; , 2018, Laboratory measurements and astronomical search for cyanomethanimine, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 609, A121⇗ADS
Adam, R.; Adane, A.; Ade, P. A. R.; ; , 2018, The NIKA2 large-field-of-view millimetre continuum camera for the 30 m IRAM telescope, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 609, A115⇗ADS
Dickson-Vandervelde, Dorothy; Kastner, Joel H.; Qi, C.; ; , 2018, Rings of Molecular Line Emission in the Disk Orbiting the Young, Close Binary V4046 Sgr, American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231 , 231, #147.13⇗ADS
Kahane, Claudine; Jaber Al-Edhari, Ali; Ceccarelli, Cecilia; ; , 2018, First Measurement of the 14N/15N Ratio in the Analog of the Sun Progenitor OMC-2 FIR4, The Astrophysical Journal , 852, 130⇗ADS
Kastner, Joel H.; Qi, C.; Dickson-Vandervelde, Annie; ; , 2018, A Subarcsecond ALMA Molecular Line Imaging Survey of the Circumbinary, Protoplanetary Disk Orbiting V4046 Sgr, American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231 , 231, #129.06⇗ADS
Loreau, Jérôme; Lique, François; Faure, Alexandre;, 2018, An Efficient Statistical Method to Compute Molecular Collisional Rate Coefficients, The Astrophysical Journal , 853, L5⇗ADS
Pinte, C.;Ménard, F.;Duchêne, G.; ; , 2018, Direct mapping of the temperature and velocity gradients in discs. Imaging the vertical CO snow line around IM Lupi, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 609, A47⇗ADS
Allaire, G.; Dapogny, C.; Estevez, R.; ; , 2017, Structural optimization under overhang constraints imposed by additive manufacturing technologies, Journal of Computational Physics , 351, 295⇗ADS
Ceccarelli, C.; Caselli, P.; Fontani, F.; ; , 2017, Seeds Of Life In Space (SOLIS): The Organic Composition Diversity at 300-1000 au Scale in Solar-type Star-forming Regions, The Astrophysical Journal , 850, 176⇗ADS
Favre, C.; López-Sepulcre, A.; Ceccarelli, C.; ; , 2017, The onset of energetic particle irradiation in Class 0 protostars, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 608, A82⇗ADS
Feruglio, C.; Ferrara, A.; Bischetti, M.; ; , 2017, On the discovery of fast molecular gas in the UFO/BAL quasar APM 08279+5255 at z = 3.912, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 608, A30⇗ADS
Mot, B.; Longval, Y.; Bernard, J.-Ph.; ; , 2017, The PILOT optical alignment for its first flight, CEAS Space Journal , 9, 459⇗ADS
Béthermin, Matthieu; Wu, Hao-Yi; Lagache, Guilaine; ; , 2017, The impact of clustering and angular resolution on far-infrared and millimeter continuum observations, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 607, A89⇗ADS

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