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Publication récentes de l'équipe planeto

De Angelis, S.; Carli, C.; Tosi, F.; ; , 2019, NIR reflectance spectroscopy of hydrated and anhydrous sodium carbonates at different temperatures, Icarus , 317, 388⇗ADS
Andrieu, François; Schmidt, Frédéric; Douté, Sylvain; ; , 2018, Ice state evolution during spring in Richardson crater, Mars, Icarus , 315, 158⇗ADS
Cook, Jason C.; Ore, Cristina M. Dalle; Protopapa, Silvia; ; , 2018, Composition of Pluto's small satellites: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images, Icarus , 315, 30⇗ADS
Earle, Alissa M.; Grundy, W.; Howett, C. J. A.; ; , 2018, Methane distribution on Pluto as mapped by the New Horizons Ralph/MVIC instrument, Icarus , 314, 195⇗ADS
Grundy, W. M.; Bertrand, T.; Binzel, R. P.; ; , 2018, Pluto's haze as a surface material, Icarus , 314, 232⇗ADS
Merlin, F.; Lellouch, E.; Quirico, E.; ; , 2018, Triton's surface ices: Distribution, temperature and mixing state from VLT/SINFONI observations, Icarus , 314, 274⇗ADS
Quirico, E.;Bonal, L.;Beck, P.; ; , 2018, Prevalence and nature of heating processes in CM and C2-ungrouped chondrites as revealed by insoluble organic matter, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 241, 17⇗ADS
Barthelemy, Mathieu; Kalegaev, Vladimir; Vialatte, Anne; ; , 2018, AMICal Sat and ATISE: two space missions for auroral monitoring, Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate , 8, A44⇗ADS
Beck, Pierre; Maturilli, A.; Garenne, A.; ; , 2018, What is controlling the reflectance spectra (0.35-150 μm) of hydrated (and dehydrated) carbonaceous chondrites?, Icarus , 313, 124⇗ADS
Cruikshank, Dale; Umurhan, Orkan M.; Moore, Jeffrey M.; ; , 2018, Recent cryovolcanism on Pluto, AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts , 50, 506.05⇗ADS
Earle, Alissa M.; Grundy, Will; Howett, Carly; ; , 2018, The highest spatial resolution compositional maps of Pluto and what they tell us about surface composition and geology, AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts , 50, 314.02⇗ADS
Eyraud, C.; Hérique, A.; Geffrin, J.-M.; ; , 2018, Imaging the interior of a comet from bistatic microwave measurements: Case of a scale comet model, Advances in Space Research , 62, 1977⇗ADS
Herique, A.; Agnus, B.; Asphaug, E.; ; , 2018, Direct observations of asteroid interior and regolith structure: Science measurement requirements, Advances in Space Research , 62, 2141⇗ADS
Michel, Patrick; Kueppers, Michael; Sierks, Holger; ; , 2018, European component of the AIDA mission to a binary asteroid: Characterization and interpretation of the impact of the DART mission, Advances in Space Research , 62, 2261⇗ADS
Oberst, Jürgen; Wickhusen, Kai; Willner, Konrad; ; , 2018, DePhine - The Deimos and Phobos Interior Explorer, Advances in Space Research , 62, 2220⇗ADS
Pendleton, Yvonne; Cruikshank, Dale P.; Materese, Christopher K.; ; , 2018, Prebiotic Chemistry of Pluto, AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts , 50, 506.06⇗ADS
Potin, Sandra;Brissaud, Olivier;Beck, Pierre; ; , 2018, SHADOWS: a spectro-gonio radiometer for bidirectional reflectance studies of dark meteorites and terrestrial analogs: design, calibrations, and performances on challenging surfaces, Applied Optics , 57, 8279⇗ADS
Schmitt, Bernard; Gabasova, Leila; Philippe, Sylvain; ; , 2018, Evidence of local CH4 stratification on Pluto from New Horisons LEISA data and a complete N2 ice map., AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts , 50, 506.02⇗ADS
Singer, Kelsi N.; Schenk, Paul M.; McKinnon, William B.; ; , 2018, Cryovolcanic Constructs on Pluto, AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts , 50, 506.04⇗ADS

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