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Publication récentes de l'équipe planeto

Battandier, M.; Bonal, L.;Quirico, E.; ; , 2018, Characterization of the organic matter and hydration state of Antarctic micrometeorites: A reservoir distinct from carbonaceous chondrites, Icarus , 306, 74⇗ADS
André, N.; Grande, M.; Achilleos, N.; ; , 2018, Virtual Planetary Space Weather Services offered by the Europlanet H2020 Research Infrastructure, Planetary and Space Science , 150, 50⇗ADS
Erard, S.; Cecconi, B.; Le Sidaner, P.; ; , 2018, VESPA: A community-driven Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science, Planetary and Space Science , 150, 65⇗ADS
Lewis, Briley Lynn; Stansberry, John; Grundy, William M.; ; , 2018, Topographic and Other Influences on Pluto's Volatile Ices, American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231 , 231, #144.03⇗ADS
Moore, Jeffrey M.; Howard, Alan D.; Umurhan, Orkan M.; ; , 2018, Bladed Terrain on Pluto: Possible origins and evolution, Icarus , 300, 129⇗ADS
Cessateur, G.; Barthelemy, M.; Rubin, M.; ; , 2017, 3D model of auroral emissions for Europa, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 43, ⇗ADS
Ciarletti, V.; Kofman, W. W.;Herique, A.; ; , 2017, Interior of 67P/C-G comet as seen by CONSERT bistatic radar on Rosetta, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 51, ⇗ADS
Heggy, E.; Palmer, E. M.; Kofman, W. W.; ; , 2017, Constraining the Dynamical Formation and the Size of the Primordial Building Blocks for Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Using the CONSERT Observations, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 54, ⇗ADS
Herique, A.; Plettemeier, D.; Beck, P.; ; , 2017, Jupiter Trojan's Shallow Subsurface: Direct Observation By Radar Sounding, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 23, ⇗ADS
Lopes, R. M. C.; Solomonidou, A.; Coustenis, A.; ; , 2017, Implications on the composition of Titan's mid-latitude surface region from Cassini/VIMS data., AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 13, ⇗ADS
Olkin, Catherine B.; Spencer, John R.; Grundy, William M.; ; , 2017, The Global Color of Pluto from New Horizons, The Astronomical Journal , 154, 258⇗ADS
Palmer, E. M.; Heggy, E.; Kofman, W. W.;, 2017, Evidence for ground-ice occurrence on asteroid Vesta using Dawn bistatic radar observations, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 43, ⇗ADS
Plettemeier, D.; Statz, C.; Herique, A.; ; , 2017, Scattering Mechanisms and Nature of the Indirect Propagation Paths Measured by the CONSERT Instrument during the Late Phase of Philae's Descent onto 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's Surface, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 51, ⇗ADS
Poch, O.; Cerubini, R.; Pommerol, A.; ; , 2017, Spectro-Polarimetry of Fine-Grained Ice and Dust Surfaces Measured in the Laboratory to Study Solar System Objects and Beyond, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts , 11, ⇗ADS
Pourkhorsandi, Hamed; Gattacceca, Jérôme; Devouard, Bertrand; ; , 2017, The ungrouped chondrite El Médano 301 and its comparison with other reduced ordinary chondrites, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 218, 98⇗ADS

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