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Cette page recense les 30 derniers articles publiés par des chercheurs de l'IPAG. Elle est établie par un système automatique. En conséquence, il se peut qu'elle ne soit pas exhaustive. Elle vise à donner un instantané des recherches effectuées au laboratoire. Les personnes intéressées par une description plus complète et détaillée des recherches de l'IPAG sont invitées à consulter le rapport d'activité et de prospective du laboratoire (à venir).

Shaw, A. W.; Tetarenko, B. E.; Dubus, G.; ; , 2019, The curious case of Swift J1753.5-0127: a black hole low-mass X-ray binary analogue to Z cam type dwarf novae, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 1840⇗ADS
Donati, J.-F.; Bouvier, J.; Alencar, S. H.; ; , 2019, The magnetic propeller accretion regime of LkCa 15, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 483, L1⇗ADS
Abdalla, H.; Aharonian, F.; Ait Benkhali, F.; ; , 2019, VHE γ-ray discovery and multiwavelength study of the blazar 1ES 2322-409, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 3011⇗ADS
De Angelis, S.; Carli, C.; Tosi, F.; ; , 2019, NIR reflectance spectroscopy of hydrated and anhydrous sodium carbonates at different temperatures, Icarus , 317, 388⇗ADS
Fulle, Marco; Blum, J.; Green, S. F.; ; , 2019, The refractory-to-ice mass ratio in comets, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 3326⇗ADS
Péault, M.; Malzac, J.; Coriat, M.; ; , 2019, Modelling the compact jet in MAXI J1836-194 with disc-driven shocks, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 2447⇗ADS
Quirico, Eric;Bonal, Lydie;, 2019, Organic Matter in Interplanetary Dusts and Meteorites, Biosignatures for Astrobiology , , 23⇗ADS
Shultz, M.; Le Bouquin, J.-B.; Rivinius, Th; ; , 2019, NU Ori: a hierarchical triple system with a strongly magnetic B-type star, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 3950⇗ADS
Skouteris, Dimitrios; Balucani, Nadia; Ceccarelli, Cecilia; ; , 2019, Interstellar dimethyl ether gas-phase formation: a quantum chemistry and kinetics study, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 482, 3567⇗ADS
Catalano, A.; Adam, R.; Ade, P. A. R.; ; , 2018, The NIKA2 Instrument at 30-m IRAM Telescope: Performance and Results, Journal of Low Temperature Physics , 193, 916⇗ADS
Folsom, C. P.; Fossati, L.; Wood, B. E.; ; , 2018, Characterization of the HD 219134 multiplanet system I. Observations of stellar magnetism, wind, and high-energy flux, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 481, 5286⇗ADS
Pinilla, P.; Benisty, M.; de Boer, J.; ; , 2018, Variable Outer Disk Shadowing around the Dipper Star RXJ1604.3–2130, The Astrophysical Journal , 868, 85⇗ADS
Stauffer, John; Rebull, Luisa M.; Cody, Ann Marie; ; , 2018, The Rotational Evolution of Young, Binary M Dwarfs, The Astronomical Journal , 156, 275⇗ADS
Andrieu, François; Schmidt, Frédéric; Douté, Sylvain; ; , 2018, Ice state evolution during spring in Richardson crater, Mars, Icarus , 315, 158⇗ADS
Balucani, Nadia; Skouteris, Dimitrios; Ceccarelli, Cecilia; ; , 2018, A theoretical investigation of the reaction between the amidogen, NH, and the ethyl, C2H5, radicals: a possible gas-phase formation route of interstellar and planetary ethanimine, Molecular Astrophysics , 13, 30⇗ADS
Benisty, M.; Juhász, A.; Facchini, S.; ; , 2018, Shadows and asymmetries in the T Tauri disk HD 143006: evidence for a misaligned inner disk, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 619, A171⇗ADS
Bouvier, Jerome;, 2018, Take a Closer Look at... The SPIDI Project, Take a Closer Look , , 61⇗ADS
Bouvier, Jerome;, 2018, The Multi-Scales of Planet-Forming Disks, Take a Closer Look , , 10⇗ADS
Busetti, F.; Beust, H.; Harley, C.; , 2018, Stability of planets in triple star systems, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 619, A91⇗ADS
Cazzoletti, P.; van Dishoeck, E. F.; Pinilla, P.; ; , 2018, Evidence for a massive dust-trapping vortex connected to spirals. Multi-wavelength analysis of the HD 135344B protoplanetary disk, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 619, A161⇗ADS
Chelli, A.; Duvert, G.;, 2018, Radio continuum emission in the northern Galactic plane: Sources and spectral indices from the THOR survey, Astronomy and Astrophysics , 619, A132⇗ADS
Cirelli, M.; Panci, P.; Sala, F.; ; , 2018, Searches for gamma-ray lines and 'pure WIMP' spectra from Dark Matter annihilations in dwarf galaxies with H.E.S.S., Journal of Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics , 11, 037⇗ADS
Cook, Jason C.; Ore, Cristina M. Dalle; Protopapa, Silvia; ; , 2018, Composition of Pluto's small satellites: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images, Icarus , 315, 30⇗ADS
Coquand, M.; Henault, F.; Caliot, C.; , 2018, Numerical identification of mirror shapes with the backward-gazing method using an actual solar profile, American Institute of Physics Conference Series , 2033, 040010⇗ADS
D'Orazi, V.; Gratton, R.; Desidera, S.; ; , 2018, Mapping of shadows cast on a protoplanetary disk by a close binary system, Nature Astronomy , , ⇗ADS
Earle, Alissa M.; Grundy, W.; Howett, C. J. A.; ; , 2018, Methane distribution on Pluto as mapped by the New Horizons Ralph/MVIC instrument, Icarus , 314, 195⇗ADS

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