Project description

WELCOME to the radiative transfer in dust benchmark webpage.

This page is intended to help people to test and validate their 2D/3D continuum radiative transfer codes in realistic astrophysical cases: optically thick (up to optical depths of 106 at 1 µm) circumstellar disks.

Our goal is to compare:
- Temperature structures,
- Spectral energy distributions,
- Thermal emission maps,
- Scattered light images,
- Polarization maps.

- C. Pinte & F. Ménard (MCFOST)
- T.J. Harries (TORUS)
- M. Min (MCMax)
- A.M. Watson & M.C. Durán-Rojas (PINBALL)
- C.P. Dullemond (RADMC)
- P. Woitke (ProDiMo)